A 30 minutes documentary on the construction of the 3rd Indian Research station ‘Bharati” at Larsemann hills, Antarctica. The documentary highlights the building of the technologically advanced research station in the most hostile places on this planet, Antarctica. 14 months of filming over a span of 3 years, the documentary  emphasises on the hardships faced by Engineers and logistic personnel to carry out construction activity. The research station caters to the needs of all scientific and logistic requirement with state of the art laboratory facilities and instrumentation workshops. The modular design of the station can accommodate 15 members during winter and 25 members during summer. Several research activities in the field of Earth Sciences, meteorology, Geomagnetism, biology, zoology,  Upper atmospheric physics and astronomy are carried out from this base through the year. The New Indian Research station “bharati” shall provide a new dimension to the understanding of polar science and also help us study the dynamics of our planet to greater extent. The documentary was produced for National Centre for Antarctica and Ocean Research, Ministry of Earth Science, Govt of India, Vasco da- gama, Goa.

In addition to the documentary film, 8 short technical films on the operations and maintenance of the life support systems installed at Bharati, the third Indian research station in Antarctica we also produced.