The National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research is India’s premier Research & Development institution solely responsible for the country’s research activities in the polar and Southern Ocean realms. Established in 1998 as an autonomous institution under the purview of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt of India, NCAOR has enabled leading interdisciplinary research that has changed our understanding of Earth. Spread across 36 acres of lush green plateau, NCAOR is located in the port town on Vasco Da Gama, in the smallest state, Goa.

With a mission mandate that is quite challenging, the Centre is designated as the nodal organisation for the co-ordination and implementation of the Indian Antarctic, Arctic and the Ocean research Programmes.

With its Commitment of excellence in science, NCAOR provides perfect opportunity for undertaking research and development. Here, the science is constantly driven by its curiosity to understand our world and the scientific team uses best of the research facilities to capture evidences of our changing planet. NCAOR has now earned an international reputation for its expertises in Polar & Ocean science and also its operations. NCAOR presents a unique blend of scientific research in some of the frontier area of Polar and Ocean sciences.